Uses of the internet in daily life has increased. Activities in our daily life are decided after the use of the Internet, we spend lots of time on web pages. from selling and buying, hence online security has become a necessity. Indeed Google loves its users and therefore every possible way to make you feel secure on the internet.

Google has announced they will flag the unencrypted websites from July 2018. this means if it is not protected they will mark a website as ‘NO secure’ in the URL bar. Its a part of making global webs secure.

So what is SSL Certificate?

One of the most important components on online business is to create a trustworthy environment to customers where they can confidently make purchases.SSL ensure their purchase, transaction and connection are secure. SSL in short for “secure sockets layer”, In simpler terms we buy/ sell products or services from the internet we share our personal information with online sellers.

SSL makes sure that our personal information and transaction is safe. SSL provides the safe connection for those activities. All E-commerce website definitely needs SSL certificate. It is also online merchants responsibility to make sure the customer information is safe.

SSL certificate will shield you and your customer by making sure no one encrypts customer information. Hence Google has made it very important to keep transactions or information safe and therefore SSL has been introduced. Google has mentioned that they will make 2/3 website Unsafe if they aren’t under SSL.SSL can be seen in the URL of your website without SSL the website will be HTTP and if you have an SSL then it will show https. This ‘s’ stands for safety and security of your website.

It is an electronic passport that has now become important for every website. If you have an SSL certificate then your website will have a green padlock in its URL and if it does not have SSL then it will show a sign saying that your website is not secure.

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If the user enters login credentials on the unprotected website then an attacker can see this information in clear text and can use it for wrong purpose.this is the most dangerous possibility because user mostly uses same username and password on many sites, including bank accounts.

if the website is asking to save user login details or transaction details than as an alert web user you should first check whether the website is protected with SSL certificate or not. SSL certificates have now become your passport to become trustworthy to customers. As you enter the website you can immediately see if the website is safe or not.

SSL certificate advantage in SEO

Having an SSL certificate even helps you with the SEO. The ranking in SEO will be higher if you have an SSL certificate as opposed to the websites that do not contain the SSL certificate. It is one of the requirements that Google requires. So it is really good if you have an SSL certificate. In addition to this, Google has publicly stated that if there are two websites which are otherwise equal in search results, if one has SSL enabled it may be slightly ranking higher than the other one.

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Safe from cyberbullies

When a website has an SSL certificate then all the transactions and your personal information will be safe from cyber bullies there will be encryption of your information so it will become safe for the people. Cyberbullies are smart nowadays and so it is important to have an SSL certificate. Cyber crimes are on a rise ever since and so people need to have all their information safe to be protected at all times.

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How do you get this certificate?

The first thing to check is if your current website hosting provides SSL certificates. If yes then its really easy to get one. In the beginning, it was really costly to have an SSL certificate so many sites did not have it. But now after the Google SSL initiative, many websites such as Symantec are providing the SSL certificates for free. and also many people are becoming aware of the importance of the certificate and therefore it is important that we get one too.

In August 2014, Google launched their HTTPS Everywhere Initiative in an attempt to make the online world a safer place to explore. This initiative was created to boost web users to use HTTPS and highlight the significance of online security.  Free purchase of the certificate will expire in 90 days and then it has to be updated all the time. so having a paid one is comparatively beneficial and also there are other features in the paid certificates.