One thing that has seen a tremendous increase in the lockdown period is online traffic. When the stores were closed due to COVID-19, the gates to online businesses were opened. People realized how having their business on online platforms can change their lives. Since website designing has put everything together and has become the need of the hour, it is essential to do it right.

Website designing can help you boost the sales of your business. Here’s how.

Simplicity attracts.

During the lockdown, it has become quite evident that your customers are spending more time online. Not only they are accessing the eCommerce websites, but also are curious about learning new things and seeking knowledge. To keep your consumers on your website and to stand out from your competitors, you need to keep your content simple, classy and concise. Whether in the times of lockdown or not, consumers will turn into customers, only if they understand and like your product. A crowded website will make it difficult for the customers to navigate and eventually, leave the website. Thus, try to keep your paragraphs to the point, and maintain spaces in between the content for better reading and navigation.

Focus on the relevant product.

Since people are spending most of their time at home, and are looking for products that are useful at home, it wouldn’t be right to market your star product on the website. If it’s relevant to your audience, foreground it, but if it’s not, you shouldn’t put it on display. Especially, for the eCommerce businesses, now is the right time to put most-efficient products for your customers on the top of your page.

Make videos.

Even before the pandemic hit us, and lockdown started, video content was massively consumed across the world. Today, it is observed that the consumption rate for videos have doubled, and people are looking out for more video content. So gear up and curate some video content to attract your customers. You don’t have to be specific with the video content. It can either be a testimonial or an explainer video of your services, or even a small introduction to your brand. All these videos will help your customers connect with you and your brand.

Have testimonials on your site.

In such difficult times, it becomes hard to rely on any brand for products or services. People won’t easily trust you, and for that you need testimonials. A small testimonial from a customer you served during the lockdown can make other consumers believe in you and your brand. It will not only help you build a new customer base but will also increase your current sales.

Have a responsive design.

Now that the lockdown has come into existence, people have started spending more time on their mobile phones. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that mobile phones acted as a saviour for all consumers. Thus, it is recommended to design a responsive website. A website where the CTAs and buttons were designed and visible to naked eyes.

Keep posting updates.

Since the spread of Corona Virus, many businesses have found it hard to survive. If you are still in the battleground, your customers must know about it. Help them stay up-to-date about your business with the help of your website. Information such as business hours, prices of the product, location, safety measures, etc. should be highlighted well.

Think ahead of time.

As a business owner, you must look at your brand as your baby. You should be able to build a customer base that not only helps you boost sales during the lockdown but also after that. Awareness is the key to reach out to the customers that will stay. Make use of your social media platforms for awareness, and incorporate the buttons on your website, so people can also spread your name.

Follow the aforementioned tips, and up your sales game even in the time of lockdown or any other crisis. Stay safe! Stay ahead!