How to keep your digital audience engaged in the time of lockdown?

The social distancing due to the global pandemic, Corona Virus has made everyone to stay indoors. But, thanks to the inventors of internet and social media, you can pass your time, and stay connected with your audiences. In this time of quarantine, people have started embracing social media more. Even those who were not interested in it, are now, scrolling through it, changing display pictures, and making conversations through it. The ad content that was neglected earlier is now catching the eyes of every social bug. Today is the time to make most of the social media platform, and attract audiences. So, here’s how to keep your digital audience engaged with your brand:

Don’t stop posting

During the COVID – 19, many brands have stopped posting on their social media platforms. But that shouldn’t be the case. You should continue posting, and work towards increasing the traction on your brand. Although, while posting about the Corona Virus, you should stay put to the government guidelines, and post only positive stuff. Do not put false numbers or count on your profile as it might hamper your social presence, and may get you into serious trouble.

Make your audience the hero of your brand

Even before Corona Virus hit the world, you may have put your audiences before anything else. But, now is the right time to make them the hero of your brand content. Thus, it is essential to understand what your audience wants to see from your content. Also, try to know what’s the uniqueness of your brand and use it in the content. It will set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

Create authentic and conversational content

Due to the outbreak of COVID – 19, everyone is working from home. Curating content that speaks more about office life or showcases high-end products won’t help as people work within the four walls of a room, and cannot step out to buy any of your products. Create something that connects with them, and stands true with the current situation. Keep your content, real and conversational.

Know the favourite platform of your target audience
Along with keeping your content real, it is also essential to know where your audiences most of their time. Some like to explore Instagram, while some share their feelings on Facebook, and some just love to go through their favourite celebrities’ tweets. Know where most of the audience spends most of the time, and you would know how to plan your content.

Be creative

The last and not at all the least ‘point to remember’ is that creativity is the key to traction. Make use of the filters, GIFs, effects, or even the word fonts available on social media to create content. If your posts are creative enough, people will stop as they scroll, and if not, they might just keep scrolling. Make people stop and stare with your creativity.

People are dealing with a humongous crisis, and in this time of lockdown, they don’t wish to see something related to sales. So, now is the time to up your social media gain, and get attraction for your brand. Don’t forget to entertain your audience. Stay Home! Stay Safe!