How social media can transform small businesses during lockdown?

COVID – 19 or Corona Virus has hit the world like a hurricane. Though some countries are almost out of it, there are some still fighting the battle. The best part about this global pandemic is the lockdown that followed. Yes, the lockdown! Now you might wonder how staying indoors is the best for us? Well, the mantra of #StayHome #StaySafe has made us realize that we can be productive and creative. It has given us a chance to understand our abilities to go beyond limits and achieve bigger. Along with this, it has also re-introduced us to our old buddy – Social Media.

Since the storm has hit us, the number of people spending time on social media has raised drastically. According to some sources, the count has surged to 50X in India, and also, whenever Sir Narendra Modiji addressed the nation, the number of social media activities got double. In the first week itself, the count raised to 87%, and it gave a huge platform for brands to showcase their creative side. From awareness campaigns to lockdown tips and quarantine diaries, people shared every small thing on social media.

Along with social platforms, the number of television consumption, online streaming, and internet browsing also increased. But, since large numbers took over the social world, it became the hero of lockdown. Every brand made use of it wisely and still is working on various campaigns. The brands which were previously absent on Instagram, now are taking live sessions and winning hearts all over. Being on social media in this time of crisis became a big win in no time.

Given the current scenario and the extensive use of all social media platforms, now is the time for a small business to widen their digital space.  It is now the era of building long-lasting digital relations with your clients and audiences. Here are a few guidelines that will help you with social media marketing amidst the turmoil of the Corona Virus.

Share the right information

The pandemic has bought along with it, negativity and fake news. To keep your audiences updated with the right news, you need to keep an eye out there. One wrong post and you put many lives at risk. Don’t spread wrong information, instead, enlighten with correct facts.

Encourage and motivate

Since everyone spends most of the time indoors, people are losing their creative side. You have the power to change it with social media. Curate content that helps them learn new things, and keeps them busy.

Be regular with posting

Social media has faced no downfall in the time of lockdown. Instead of breaks, you should post as you were doing earlier. As most people spend time surfing on social media, any small change from your end will come into their notice. Be regular and consistent with your posting schedule.

Create creative content

A simple design is nice, but a design with an idea behind it is a wonder. Get creative with your content, and work on your content marketing banks. You can incorporate the current crisis in your brand content, but it should be creative and unique.

As you see the economy is also going down, and each one of us is practising social distancing, social media is the only thing granting us the opportunity to spread the good. So, to all the big and small business out there – stay connected, digitally and make this world, a better place.