Why you should choose Instagram over Facebook?

Facebook came into account when there was no craze of social media platforms. Though it has been a part of the social media industry for ages, it is slowly losing all its charm. The constant updates from team Facebook do keep it running in the game, it is slowly losing its customers to Instagram.

We all know that Instagram is kind of a by-product of Facebook, but with its growing popularity and usage, it is on its way to becoming the ultimate social media platform of the decade. The one reason that’s taking away the fame of Facebook is that 36% of people like Instagram, and 26% say Facebook is their second option when it comes to using a social media platform. Along with this, numerous other reasons will convince you to choose Instagram over Facebook for your brand. Let’s dive in!

Higher engagement rate

Instagram is growing at a faster rate than Facebook, and its higher engagement rate helps brands build better relations and thus, boost business. In addition to this, Instagram has four times more global reach than Facebook, and the number of active users is also more (300 million). All this together leads to an increase in average likes per post on Instagram and thus leads to a successful business.

Easy-to-use interface

The misconception is that Instagram is difficult to use, whereas it is much easier than Facebook. The whole and sole purpose of the application is to post pictures and videos, which is as easy as pie. The other features such as stories, or profile optimization are also easy to understand. On the other hand, when you use Facebook, you will have to perform numerous steps just to change your username. The easy-to-use interface attracts more customers on Instagram, and thus gives your brand exposure on a larger scale.

More personal and safe

On Facebook when it comes to the security of your personal data, you have to select multiple options from a range of categories (who can see your profile picture, who can send you a text, you can see the about us). You have to select for every category. Whereas, on Instagram, you just have to go from Public account to Private and you are sorted. For brands, you can backup your Instagram data using your mail ID, and it stays safe there.

Easy eCommerce integration

Instagram has recently introduced a shopping option for brands. In the post itself, you can tag the product, and mention its name and price. This effortless shopping experience isn’t available on Facebook yet; here you have to create a store or list the products on your page differently. Though this eCommerce integration is not available to all accounts, in the nearing future, the scenarios might change and you will get your own shopping store on Instagram.

Built-in messenger

To message on Facebook, you have to download messenger on your phone, separately. That’s not the case when it comes to Instagram. Here, there’s an inbuilt messenger, so, you create, engage and communicate, in one place. Using the recent update, you can now, communicate with your Facebook audience on Instagram.

In a nutshell, choosing any social media platform is not an easy task. You need to go with the trial and error method and find out the one that works best for your brand. However, the above-mentioned information will help you make a clear decision if you are confused between Facebook and Instagram.