Why you must give PPC or paid advertising a chance?

In your journey of digital marketing, you might have come across the term ‘Paid ads’ or may have heard some say, “We’re starting a PPC campaign”. Though it’s a part of digital marketing strategies, people who aren’t involved get to see them as well. As you search for a certain thing on the search engine, the first three results are mostly paid ads.

If you want to start your PPC campaign or if you are curious about how paid advertising can change the success line of your business, it is essential to understand what PPC is, why is it important and how it functions. Before we get into the benefits of PPC for small businesses, here’s something you must know.

When a marketer puts up an ad on search engines and pays for the engagements or clicks received, it is known as ‘Paid Search’. Whereas the platform that allows these marketers to perform ads on Search Engine Result Pages, using pay per click or pay per view techniques, is known as Paid Search Marketing.

What is PPC or Paid Per Click advertising?

Know as one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and sales, PPC is a type of digital marketing technique. In this, when a certain ad is online, and when people click or view it, a certain amount from marketer’s budget get deducted. Not only search engines but other platforms like Instagram and Facebook also offer paid ads. The different types of ads are Search ads, Retargeting ads, Social media ads and Display ads. Now that Whatsapp business is introduced, in no time you will also see ads run on Whatsapp as well.

How PPC functions?

When businesses create a PPC campaign, they bid on the placement of their ads on search engines. These appear as sponsored links on the SERPs, and when the user searches for a keyword that’s relevant to the business, the ads appear on the top of the search results. Now, as the user will click on the ad, a certain is given to search engine as a fee. This amount is very less as compared to the sales you’ll receive with PPC.

In the process of PPC, relevancy is the key factor. Why? Because if you create an advertisement that’s relevant to your target audience, and has followed all the search engine guidelines, your pay-per-click fee becomes less. In simple words, the more relevant your ad is, the lesser fee is charged by the search engines.

A lot goes in creating and executing a PPC campaign, and thus, you need to be well-organized with it. When you plan and create a paid campaign with the right strategy, everything becomes a piece of cake. The first campaign might be a struggle, but with time, you’ll get a hang of it.

What are the benefits of Paid Advertising?

From small businesses to big organizations, everyone can benefit from paid advertising. It has not just one, but numerous benefits for your business and its sales. Here are a few primary benefits that’ll answer ‘Why you should choose paid advertising for your business’.

Faster results

The organic way of spreading your content to the world is great, but it takes ages to get recognized. However relevant your content might be, you will not be able to reach out the maximum audiences in less time. Whereas, when you perform PPC, you will see instead results. When you put your ads online, you will see the engagement rate and traffic to your website rising instantly. Along with this, if you have an SEO strategy in place, it will help you improvise and enhance it.

More qualified leads

When you run a PPC campaign for your business, you will get a greater number of leads as compared to that of organic advertising. The beauty of PPC is that most of the leads you get are relevant to your business, and you get genuine business. The reason being is that, when you set up an ad campaign, you are strategically targeting the audiences who would be interested in your brand. Thus, more relevant and qualified leads.

Measurable results

If you are worried that where your money goes exactly, and how much leads you get for each penny you spent, then, put them all aside. Because when you run a paid ad, everything is measured, and you will know the exact number of your spends and leads. This not only helps you keep a track of your money and results of the current campaign, but also helps you work on the next campaign.

Brand recognition

We understand that not every user on the search engine will click on your ad, but when they search for a relevant keyword, your brand name will appear on the top. It will increase brand awareness and might even increase the number of site visits. This brand recognition will later transform into sales, and thus, you’ll receive great profit.


We all know that we put in a lot of money on these paid campaigns. So, how is this budget-friendly? When you create a campaign, you target those ads to the interested customers, and thus, it becomes more relevant to the audiences. As you know, more the relevancy, less the fee. Also, you can add budget caps to adjust the budget and search engine won’t spend more than your set amount.

Improvised local search

Local search works the best for businesses, and with paid advertising, your business gets more recognition. With the relevant keywords, your business’ knowledge graph appears on the search engine, and thus, it becomes easy for people to contact you.

Now that you have a bucket full of benefits of paid advertising, you might want to give it a try. If you feel you cannot do it yourself, you must get help from a digital marketing agency. It will help you save a lot of time and help you set the right budget.