Social Media Creative process: A guide to designing a viral social media post

Social Media Marketing is currently the talk of the town. Every brand is now focusing on being the star of social media. When the global pandemic hit us, the hustle to rank higher on social media began, and with it, people understood the need for social platforms. Where renowned brands already had a good number of reach and impressions, small business also started climbing the stairs of success. Though getting attention on social media might seem easy, it takes a lot more efforts to get the eye of audiences. So, what can you do get noticed on social media? What are the steps required to win hearts online? The answer you re looking for is ‘Social Media Creative’ or ‘Social Media Post’.

Social media creative or a social media post is nothing but the content you post on your social media platforms. What needs to be done to create the perfect social media creative? What all steps are required for a greater result? Here’s a 6-step strategy to create the right content on social media.

Identify the purpose

When it comes to designing a post for social media platforms, your audiences are your real heroes. Whether it is for clients or yourself, audiences play an essential role in social media. To understand the purpose of the creative, you need to understand your target audience. At first, you might not know your target audience, but with time, you will definitely get to know what they like and what they don’t. Till then, you have your brand name and products in hand, so, make use of it. Identify what you need, as a result, you want to create awareness or want more engagement. Having a purpose makes it easy for you to plan and curate the content.

Brainstorm and sketch an idea

Now that you have a purpose to create a post, start brainstorming with your team members. It will help you have not one, but multiple unique ideas. With the bucket of ideas in your hand, you can easily choose the best one for the post. Have a written note of the idea or a sketch to make it easy for the writer and designer to proceed further.

Create an eye-catching visual

Your idea will only be successful when you deliver it right, and the one thing that can make it perfect is visual. Give your designers a clear brief of the idea or provide them with the sketch of an idea. Understand their thought process and see if they have any input in the idea. If it’s valid, consider it and if it’s not, make them understand your thought process behind it. Once the creative is done, show it someone who is not part of your team. It will help you believe that you are on the right track and that your idea is perfectly delivered. All this together will help you create an eye-catching visual you’re aiming for.

Have an engaging caption

Just like a social media profile is incomplete without its bio, a post incomplete without a caption. When you have an engaging caption along with your post, it helps you reach out to more customers. With it, people will comment on your post, and thus, increase engagement. Do not forget to use your brand voice in your caption. A brand voice is nothing but the tone of your brand, using which you can stand out from your competitors. If your brand allows, make use of special characters and emojis in your caption.

Insert hashtags and location

Now that you have your creative and caption ready, you want people to see it. But, how will that happen? Before posting, there are two final steps that you need to take, one is adding hashtags and other is adding the location. When you are adding the hashtags, do not forget to add brand hashtags, location hashtags and also keep it relevant. Adding a location to your post will help you to reach your target audience, and thus, increase the awareness of your brand.

Post it and optimize

Once everything is in place, just post the creative and wait for the results. Your job is not done yet, you still have a lot to do. Once you put your social creative out there, you need to keep a track of it and optimize the results to perform better in future.

Follow these 6 easy steps, and create the perfect viral social media creative for your business. Do not forget to be unique and classy. Happy creating to you!