Should you try Instagram Reels or not?

Instagram reels have taken over the internet, and also over the other features of Instagram as well. As soon as you open the app, you will get to see a lot of reels, and, now that, there’s an individual icon for it, people tend to watch it more. Though Instagram reels are totally hit for influencers and other profiles, the question is are they beneficial to online brands? Should you as a brand make use of it? Can it attract the target audience? There might be numerous questions in your mind. The right way to find out the answers is via pros and cons. So, here’s a list that might help you decide.

Benefits of Instagram reels

Higher exposure

The reels have proven that they are given the users higher reach and engagement compared to other features of the app. When it comes to posts, videos, stories or IGTVs, users were facing issues with the decrease in their reach and impressions. But, reels came out as a boon for all, and the numbers again went up.

Easy to create

We all know that when it comes to videos, it takes a lot of efforts in terms of production, editing, and shooting. You have to invest a lot of time for it to look good. With reels, your efforts are decreased, you can easily create a video of your own, edit it right away, and then post it. It’s as easy as a pie.

Permanent content

When the comparison is between stories and reels, the reel is a clear winner. The only reason being is that the content created on reels stay forever on their feed until it’s not deleted manually. Whereas on other hand, the content on stories is just for 24 hours, and thus fewer chances of people exploring it. 

Cons of Instagram reels

Where there are so many benefits of a thing, there have to be a few disadvantages that come with it. The same is the case with Instagram reels, and here are a few cons that you might need to consider.

No analytics

The first thing that is a disappointment for reels user is that, it does not give you the overall stats of the video you post. On Instagram, when you post other content like videos, IGTVs, picture or stories, you find its detailed statistic in insights. But, with reels, you only get to see the number of likes, comments and views. 

No link to an outside source

Where the stories help you provide a link to swipe up external sources, reels don’t do that. So retargeting might become an issue. Also, users with 10k+ followers have the option of swipe up in their stories. So, this con has its con as well. 


Now that you have advantages and disadvantages in your hand, you can easily decide if you should use reels for your brand. If you are unable to do so, let’s know in the comment section below and we will help you with it.