Amongst all the aspects of a business, it is a website that attracts a maximum number of audiences. It acts as a communication medium between a brand and its audience. The whole set of exceptional services and products may fail to impress the audience if your website isn’t engaging enough. A good website may get attention, but an attractive website has the potential to convert visitors into customers.

Here’s a list of things that will help you make your website more engaging and appealing:

Responsive design

Though responsive web pages are an old concept, many businesses still aren’t implementing it. No matter whether your user is viewing your website on a phone or a desktop or a tablet, it should look good on every platform.

Easy navigation

A website with simple and easy navigation will help your users accomplish their goals effortlessly. If users are not able to find something within three seconds, they tend to lose interest and exit your website. To make searching within your website, have a search bar on every page.

To the point content

Website designing and development is incomplete without content. It plays an essential role in website designing as it defines your brand. It must be simple, easy to find, engaging, to the point, and relevant. Using the right set of tone and words will add value to your services and products.

Obvious CTA

A call to action button decides what you want your user to do when they enter your website. Whether it is purchasing a product, asking for help, downloading an item, or requesting more information, have a CTA for everything.


Having testimonials of previous or current customers on your website will give assurance about the brand, to the potential users. Instead of written testimonials, create videos as it proves that your brand is more authentic.

The right combination of colours

Colours contribute to the look and feel of your website. A perfect blend of colours allows you to set the right tone for your brand and also conveys the necessary message to the visitors. For a positive first impression, make sure the rest of the website content matches the main colour of your website.

Appropriate contact details

This might seem an obvious thing, but there are businesses out there who still haven’t mentioned their details on their site. Not having clear and easy-to-access contact details can definitely frustrate your visitors. So, make sure your website has quick access to your contact details.

Be social-media friendly

Today everyone is a part of social media, and so are your visitors. Be present on all the latest social media platforms, and increase the visibility of your website. This will convey your visitors and customers that they have various options for understanding, and communicating with your brand. Don’t just be present, but also be active as it will increase the engagement rate of your brand.

A website is a vital part of your marketing strategy, so, making it user-friendly will not only promote your brand but also increase the conversion rate. If you have trouble designing your website, hire a website designing company.