Instagram stories: the future of your business

Instagram stories are widely used these days, and people love to upload their mundane things on stories. Where personal stories keep other Instagrammers entertained, professional stories are no less. Today, even businesses make the most use of the story platform. Whether it’s displaying their work culture, launching a new product or sharing a new blog, everything goes up on the story. If you think stories are only used to share the new post update, you are wrong. Also, if you are not using Instagram stories for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of things. Here are the reasons how stories will help in generating business for your brand.

200 million active audiences every day
Every day 200 million audiences are viewing Instagram stories, and this means, you can reach out to a humongous audience. Even if you make it to half of the audiences, you will help to generate more reach and impressions than usual. The number of active users on Instagram stories is more than that on Snapchat, and thus, Instagram is now the most loved platform when it comes to stories.

Discoverable and downloadable

The beauty of Instagram stories is that it reaches to people who are not your followers. To view your stories, a person does not need to follow you. So, there are a higher number of chances that when people see your stories, they might like your content, and thus, follow you for more. In addition to this, you can save and download all your stories to use them on various other platforms or to send as a personal message.

Fun filters and features

Who says fun filters are for personal use only? The Instagram filters can be of great help to launch your new product or help your customers engage with your brand. Instagram features such as poll, DM me, questions, challenge, the countdown can work as a fun communication medium between you and your customers. You can also use the location feature to reach out to the people of a certain region.

Hashtag game strong

Using hashtags in stories will help you get featured in the explored section of people who like things similar to your products and services. Also, if audiences by any chance search using a particular hashtag, which you have used in your story, it will definitely help you be on the top of their feed.

Swipe up / outbound link

The swipe up or outbound link helps in increasing website visits, video views, blog reach, etc. But, this feature is only available for brands who have 10k+ Instagram followers. If you have a follower count lesser than that, do not worry. Because when Instagram first introduced this feature, it was available only for profiles with 1M followers, and the number has decreased drastically. Sooner or later, you will also have the access to the swipe up feature.

Visible for a day

When you put an Instagram story, it lasts for 24 hours, and hence, you do not have to worry about the posting time. You can post them as and when you feel like.

For the businesses who wish to take a leap of faith, Instagram stories are the best medium to get started. It’s time to up your business game!