Instagram reels – an entertaining upgrade

Instagram never stops pouncing on opportunities, and Instagram reels are living proof of it. As soon as Tik Tok got banned in most of the countries, most artists lost their platform to entertained their audience. So, to bring back these artists on track and to give audiences access to unlimited entertainment, Instagram introduced Reels.


What is Instagram Reels?

It is a platform that lets you create short, fun and engaging videos. Here, you can record and edit a video of 15-10 seconds and share it on your feed. Just like IGTV, reels also has its individual space on your profile, and you can see all your reels there. To check out the reels of fellow Instagrammers, you will either see it on their feed or in the explore section. If you like the audio of a famous reel and wish to create a video out of it, you don’t have to search the song. Simply tap on it and create your version. Easy, isn’t it?

Most people complain that they haven’t found the icon yet, and they don’t get to make a reel. There might be two reasons behind it. One, they don’t know where they can find reels, and the other, they don’t have the latest version of Instagram.


How to create Instagram reels?

Let us help you find the icon on your feed. Instagram reels is present in your story section. Along with the other sliding options (live, create, etc.), you will also find reels. Now that you know where its location, let’s start creating the reel.

  • The first step is selecting the audio. Once you open your story section and select reels, a menu will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the music icon,  select the audio from the long list of songs, and then choose the part from the song you want with the video.
  • The second step is speed. Click on the icon and adjust the speed of your video as per your need.
  • After this, you can choose the duration of your video by clicking on the icon labelled 15. Tap on it to change it to 30.
  • There is a timer option that generates a count-down between 3 secs to 10 secs before you record a video. It helps you set the camera angle right.
  • The effects section lets you add AR filters to your reels and enhance its beauty. Browse through the filters and select your fav one.
  • You can start and stop recording multiple times, and along with this, you always have trim and delete options for your clips.
  • Once you know that, this is it, you can add texts or stickers to it. Later, choose the thumbnail (from camera roll or video) and publish it.
  • You can share it to your feed, stories or explore section. That choice is completely yours. 

Now that you know everything about Instagram reels, go create your masterpiece, and let us know how it turned out.