Does perfect Instagram bio exist? Find out!

The popularity of social media platforms has increased in the time of lockdown. As soon as people understood the importance of online marketing, they decided to take their businesses online, which has led to an increase in social media profiles/pages. Where few took the route of twitter to stay up-to-date, many took advantage of Instagram newly-launched features. Everything together served as a boon to the online marketing sector.

Now, let’s come to the social media profiles. When you are setting up a page for your brand, you must perform profile optimization. In this, you need to make sure you have a perfect profile picture, cover photo, services, timings, contact info, and bio. Why is this important? Your social profile is the first impression you make on your online audience, and don’t want it to be a bad one, right?

Though all the platforms are equally essential for your business, Instagram is a real winner when it comes to generating leads and boosting your business. Why? Because it’s the most trending app of the decade and has all the features that a brand needs to succeed creatively. That’s the reason Instagram bio has become the talk of the town, and everyone is struggling to get the perfect one.

Does a perfect Instagram bio exist? Yes, it does! It takes a few simple steps to carve the perfect bio for your feed.

Here’s how to get an apt Instagram bio for yourself.

Be picture perfect

If you have your brand or if you are a trainer, coach or artist, you must have your image as your profile picture. No matter how much you fancy all the wallpapers and animal pictures, you must have your image as the display picture as people need to become more familiar with you. Once it happens, whenever they hear your name, your face will instantly pop up in front of them, and that’s how your brand gets an identity. On the other hand, if you run a business, or if you are an online shopping brand, you must use your logo as your profile picture, to create your brand’s professional identity. 

Everything’s in the username.

The current trend and Instagram SEO claims that your username should be your name/business name and something exciting or relevant to your role. For instance, for personal use, you can put your namespace animal lover. For professional service, consider you are an agency, you can put your business/brand name space digital specialist. Where the first half of the username reveals your identity, the second half makes you more relatable and helps in building rapport and connections. 

Catch the eye with your Instagram bio

Though you should make every word of your bio count, you must focus more on the first two lines as, beyond that, all your bio goes into read more section. No one will click on read more if your first two lines are not intriguing. Thus, make sure you give your audience a taste of your personality/brand and keep it ‘click-worthy.’

Link the link that counts

A link in your bio is an essential part of your profile. Here, you can simply add your website or link the landing page for lead generation. Though the choice is yours, you must always put up a link that – opens, is new, and relatable to your audience. If you are running a contest or a campaign, you can put the link of sign up pages. So, choose your link in bio, wisely.

Play it cool with emojis

Emojis are everyone’s favourite, and you can never go wrong with them. Use emojis in your bio and add a splash of colour to your profile.

Maximize the potential of your Instagram bio and profile with these few easy tips. If you need any help with the Instagram marketing strategy, you can always get in touch with us at connect@