How to perform Local SEO?

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In this digital era, if you wish to last longer, you should always be on the first page of search engines. If you’re on the second, third or later pages, people will consider your business as dead. Where all your marketing strategies might be perfect, it’s more important to focus on the SEO of your business. Whether you have a small or big business, performing Search Engine Optimization must be your priority to rank higher and better. To get started, first make sure your local SEO is perfect.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO, also known as Local Search Engine Marketing, is an optimization process performed to reach out to local customers at the right time. It will not only help you gain more customers but also aids in getting local recognition.

How to perform Local SEO?

Here are a few steps that will help you gain attention from your local audiences:

Enhance and optimize your website

Your website is the first thing audiences will notice when they search your brand online. It is thus essential to make your website, creative, easy-to-understand, and attractive. For people to reach out to you easily, place contact information in a visible location on your site. Make your mobile number and email id clickable for effortless communication. When you give your address, don’t forget to add a map to it. Along with this, add testimonials to your website for people to trust you, and add schema for search engines to trust and understand your business.

Claim all your online profiles

You should be all over the internet, and thus you should be present on review platforms like Google My Business, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Facebook. Google My Business is the best place to get noticed by your local customers. So, you make sure to fill out the details on it and get represented. In addition to this, also create your social media profiles for more audiences to reach out to you.

Create content as per your audience

Content is necessary for your Local SEO, and to make it perform better, add a blog on your website. Curate content that’s relevant to your brand, and connects with your audiences. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords and optimize your blog. Also, for the Local SEO, you must add the names of your neighbourhood towns and cities that your locals might use to search. Avoid using content from other sites, and keep it original. If you want to use any word for representation purpose, don’t forget to give a source or a link to it.

Get reviews from your customers

Reviews play an important role in enhancing a business. Before visiting a place or a business, people often research about it online. The first thing they notice is the reviews on Google My Business, and later, decide whether to visit it or not. Thus, whenever you provide a service to your customer, ask them to review you on Google and other social platforms. It will get you more traction, and make the local customers believe in you.

Now, that you know how to perform Local SEO, go ahead, put it to action, and improve your SERP rankings.