How to cut down your digital marketing cost in this economy?

The sudden lockdown of countries all over the globe due to Corona Virus has an adverse effect on the economy. Even though people are working from home, there are some issues which are untappable at the moment. Productions have stopped, the number of sells has reduced, people are struggling with payments and equipment, and much more. In such crucial times, our sector, digital marketing is also observing a downfall. To survive this abrupt changes in the economy, we need to adapt certain changes and take steps to sustain and rise.

Here are some cost-cutting tips that’ll help you stand strong in this war against the virus.

Hire multi-tasking professionals only

If you need to increase the number of employees in your organization, get someone who can multi-task. For instance, you can hire social media experts, who are good at both, curating social content as well as generating social media ad campaigns for you. They will not only add creativity to your social feed, but will also give you new clients, and thus, increase your revenue.

Be a part of the team

In such situations, your team look towards you as a ray of hope. To boost their morale, give out a helping hand, and lead them with the right decisions. Help them set the right target audience, or give them an idea to curate new content. Doing so will give them confidence and help you understand your team better.

Grab the eye of your audiences

Wherein some people are just sharing negative thoughts and misleading the world with fake information, you take the creative route. Curate content that will grab the attention of your target audiences with the look and feel of it. You can make use of videos instead of images in your ad copy to increase the chances of getting noticed.

Look out for pocket-friendly agencies

The other option that you might opt-in this crisis is outsourcing. But, you should be wise in your this decision, and opt for small digital agencies. The bigger the agency, the higher the spend. Thus, go for a digital marketing agency that will help your brand with great content at an effective cost.

Get a list of free tools

If you don’t wish to outsource or hire new professionals, you can always rely on free digital marketing tools. There are numerous tools available online that have free versions with multiple features. Canva, WordPress, Hootsuite,, Google analytics are a few of our favourites.

Lastly, for the offline businesses, now is the time to think of taking your brand online. Planning and executing it now will help you get back into the market and reach out the huge number of online audiences. Whether there’s a problem with the economy or a medical crisis like Corona, if you decide to achieve success, there is no stopping. Adapt the essential changes, follow the right digital marketing influencer, make the most out of the quarantine, and support each other.