6 steps to organically grow followers on Instagram

Instagram is currently the most loved and used social media platform. Whether it is a renowned celebrity or a micro-influencer, everybody is posting a story or a picture every other day. Just like Instagram has changed the personal lives of many people, it has also customized social media marketing. Today, everyone is craving followers, likes and comments. Greater the number of followers, greater the appearance on the explore section. Though posting content on this platform is easy, gathering followers is a bit difficult. Even if you have a lot of followers, maintaining the number is no less than a vicious circle. So, here are five tips that’ll help you grow and increase Instagram followers:

Use hashtags

A year back, Instagram introduced this new feature wherein you can follow the hashtag. Although hashtags were essential since the initiation of the platform, it became a massive hit after this feature. Using hashtags is good, but using relevant hashtags is better. It will help you deliver and convey your message to the right audiences.

Post regularly

Instagram is all about posting regularly; whether it is sharing a story or a grid post, you should do it regularly. When you post at least one picture in a day, you’ll notice a drastic change in the number of followers and likes. Remember, you should not bombard your followers with more than three pictures in a day.

Publish good-quality content

Content is the king, and social media is your kingdom. It is the content that will help you increase Instagram followers. Thus, it is necessary to weave something that connects with them. Every platform has a different tone, and as a brand, it’s necessary to understand it and create accordingly. Instagram is more fun, creative and quirky. So, make sure you create content that’s Instgrammable.

Appreciate others content

On Instagram, if you give love, you get love. Whenever you find something interesting or worth-sharing, you should share it on your page. If you are not comfortable with sharing it on your grid, post it on your story.


If you get a chance to collaborate with a fellow Instagrammer, you should blindly do it. It will help you get recognition, and you’ll be able to connect with more audiences.

Well-structured profile

Whenever someone visits your profile, they should clearly understand what your profile is all about. Along with name and contact, you must have an intriguing bio that makes audiences follow you. You can make use of a hashtag in bio to get more reach. For more structured-look, arrange your stories in highlights, and have a colour tone for your grid.

Learn, follow and grow your Insta fam!

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