10 Step Social Media Marketing Checklist for Startups

Starting a business from the ground up doesn’t leave a lot of time to devote to marketing, which is why a solid social media strategy is so important. With this comprehensive checklist, you’ll have the tools you need to get your startup’s social media marketing off the ground quickly and effectively.

Research Your Consumers

Researching your consumers is key to creating an effective social media marketing plan. Get to know your target audience by establishing who they are and what their needs are. Try researching on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, establish what hashtags they’re using and get in tune with the online conversations that matter to them. This will allow you to reach out with relevant content tailored to them.

Choose the Right Platforms

It’s important to prioritize where you want to be present. Although it can be tempting to open accounts on all platforms, it’s better to focus on the ones most relevant to your audience. Research which social networks are most used in your target market and create accounts there. Keep in mind that each platform offers its own advantages and disadvantages and will require a different approach tailored for its features.

Create Your Content Strategy

Content is the backbone of your social media presence and should drive your strategy. Start by creating a content calendar to ensure you always have ideas for posts lined up. Determine topics that associate with your brand identity and that resonate with the kind of audience you want to attract. Think outside the box in terms of content types, from videos, blogs and GIFs, to customer stories and live Q&A sessions.

Develop a Posting Schedule

Establish a consistent posting schedule by mapping out what and when you need to post on each platform. It’s important to be present and active on social media, but not overwhelming – find the perfect balance. Experiment with content posted at different times and days of the week, keep track of your analytics and identify what works best for your particular audience.

Engage with Customers and Followers

Engaging with your followers and customers is key to successful social media presence. Try to respond promptly and consistently to comments, messages, and reviews – show them that you’re truly listening and taking action where necessary. Leverage that engagement by starting conversations as well – get people talking about your brand, share their content and invite them to join your community.

Set goals.

Before you start creating content and engaging with your audience on social media, first set your goals. What do you want to achieve through social media marketing? Do you want to drive more traffic your website? Increase brand recognition? Generate leads? Knowing the purpose of your social media activities will help guide the decisions you make and help achieve success.

Establish your brand’s voice.

One of the most important steps for successful social media marketing is to establish your brand’s voice across all channels. You want your audience to recognize and remember your brand, both in terms of visuals (design elements) and language (tone and messaging). The same keywords, images, phrases, and overall feel should be used across all platforms. This will help create an impression in people’s minds that they can trust and rely on when it comes to consistent content from your brand.

Define Timelines for Tasks and Results.

When it comes to social media marketing, timelines should be created that indicate when tasks need to be completed in order to report successful campaigns or measure results. These tasks might include postings on certain platforms, audience engagement activities, lead generation and nurturing efforts, or general content creation. After defining these tasks, set deadlines for when they should be completed and hold yourself accountable to that timeline. This will ensure you are creating consistent content, staying ahead of the competition, and measuring whether or not your strategies are working.

Research Your Target Audience and Competitors.

Before you start marketing your product on social media, it’s important to have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and how they use different platforms. Understanding demographics and psychographics can help you craft more effective messages that will resonate with the people you are targeting. Also, make sure to research your competitors, so you can identify gaps in what they’re doing and capitalize on them. Knowing who your main competition is will also help you track their strategies, successes and failures which can be used to refine your own.

Create Original Content for Each Platform.

Using the same content across all of your social media platforms won’t get you far, so it’s important to create original content that is tailored to each platform. Before you post, consider how best to optimize each piece of content to reach the intended audience and snag their attention. Whether it’s writing a captivating headline or finding the perfect image, tailor your posts specific to different networks and make sure that they’re engaging.


Don’t waste time and money on social media marketing mistakes – use this 10 step guide to help startups succeed in the world of digital marketing. For startups that are ready to tap into the power of social media, there are a few steps you need to take first. This checklist will outline the essential steps startups should take to ensure they get the most out of their social media marketing efforts.

There are thousands of ways for startups to grow because different strategies suit the needs of different businesses. Social media has proven to be successful for startups as it gives them the opportunity to target the right audience and increase brand awareness. With the right set of digital strategies, a brand can have a long lasting image in the minds of people.

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