Generating lead is nowadays hard with traditional marketing techniques But there is digital marketing which can get you leads at a low cost.

If your website is not generating leads there is no point in having a good looking website. Every website needs a little support of SEO, PPC, Blogging & Social Media Marketing with Right Strategy & Right Keywords. Having a website can build better relationships with your customers & advertising website in the right place it will get you more potential customers.

Here are few methods to generate leads from a website

PPC (Pay Per Click)

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Pay Per Click is all about paying Google to rank for particular keywords, Google Adwords is a right platform for

  •  Find low competition keywords from Google keyword planner
  •  Add right 10-20 keywords in your campaign
  •  Write a Title & Description with your keyword with a great offer
  • Set Budget & Your Campaign is Live

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Search Engine Optimisations is all about getting the search engine to rank your website without paying them anything.

  • Optimise your site for Search Engines
  • Get your website mobile responsive
  • Your website needs to be loading quick.
  • Sign Up your website on Google Search Console
  • Target long tail keywords first then short keywords
  • Add Content related to your keywords and Google will notice you

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Get into blogging because writing a blog will drive more customers to your website, But you need to write relevant & unique content.

  • Write relevant blogs with your keywords mentioned in your content.
  • Write blogs at least once a week with fresh content
  •  Make sure you interlink your other blogs in your every blog

Social Media Marketing

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Sharing your content on your social media will get your brand a good visibility. You need to choose the right platform by thinking about where your potential customers will be.

  • The select top two social media platforms and run trail paid campaign for a month with a minimum budget.
  • Get an attractive creative with an irresistible offer for your ad campaign
  • Design multiple ad campaigns and run them on the same budget for a trial period
  • Analyse how much is your cost per lead and what is a quality of your lead.
  • If your looking for promoting on social media for a long run I would suggest one course of Mr.Gopal Krishnan 4 Hours Facebook Funnel.